Germasogeia reservoir is located about 8 kilometres away from the city of Limassol. It was built in 1968 in order to provide water to the plantations of Akrotiri peninsula. The water of the reservoir is supplied by the Amathos river and the reservoir itself is made from dirt and clay. Its 49 meters in height and 294 meters in length with a capacity of 13.6 cubic meters of water.

The manmade lake is a crucial environmental asset for the surrounding area. Along the banks of the reservoir, specially created nature trails have been created, which are a great opportunity for exploring the area which is rich with vegetation and fauna. Additionally, the church of Agios Loukas and the medieval water mills are sighs that worth visiting.

Germasogeias reservoir is a habitat for several waterfowl birds while the waters have been enriched with some additional fish species. Fishing is only permitted only after issuing a permit from the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research. Also, canoe racing is taking place at the location during national and international canoe games.

The reservoir is neighboring with Foinikaria and Akrounta villages which are perfect locations for relaxation. Every year residents of these villages along other residents of the surrounding area feast at this location for the occasion of “Clean Monday”.

Seasons with lots of rainfalls create a picturesque image of the Germasogeia Reservoir.