Situated at a serene setting, the Muslim shrine Hala Sultan Tekke is found approximately 6 kilometres away from the west bank of the Salt Lake of Larnaca. 

Since it has been acknowledged as a holy site for Muslims, it attracts thousands of visitors every year, especially during Islamic holidays. The mosque stands as one of the most significant holy places of worship for the Islamic world, ranked third after Mecca and Medina. Particularly, according to Islamic tradition, a Muslim person should visit the three aforementioned pilgrimage sites, along with Jerusalem, in order to prepare himself for heaven.

Inside the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque, there is an old tomb, which belongs to Umm Haram by tradition. Umm Haram was one of the first followers and helpers of the Prophet Mohammed. During the Arab raids in Cyprus, right after she landed in the island, she died at the site by falling off her mule. The tomb has a trilithic construction and is covered with cloths. Tradition claims that one of the rocky plates, specifically the one that covers her body, levitates. Umm Haram is considered to be a miraculous and holy woman and many Muslims pray for her help.

The shrine was built around 1787 and was renovated by 1816. The Cypriot government has performed various building restorations.