He is one of the most important poets of Cyprus. He was born in Lysi in 1901 and died in 1985. He studied until the 5th class of primary school, while from his young age he fell in the struggle of fight dealing with agriculture and animal husbandry. He was married in 1924 with Helen K. Skarpari, and they had 4 children. With the Turkish Invasion in 1974, he had to leave from Lysi with his family and move to the settlement of Tsakilleris.
His avocation with poetry initiate in the period 1921-22, publishing poems in tabloids and newspapers. In 1928 he printed the first book with poems, while until 1979 he published 12 poetry collections. Together with B.Michaelidi and D.Liperti, from where he was influenced, he was one of the most important representatives of Cypriot Folk Dialectic Poetry.
Influenced from his experiences, he drew the themes of his poetry from the agriculture life and its difficulties, the adventures and the situation of the Cypriot Hellenism after the Turkish Invasion, while many of his poems were about the equality of social classes, for the fairness and the initiation of a world free from the shackles of the past.
In 1975 he was awarded from the Cultural Service of the Ministry of Education, with the prize of aggregate supply in the Greek Cypriot Literature, while the Theatrical Projects of “Alavrostisiotis” and “The thamman” were awarded with the First and second prize of RIK respectively.