Oroklini Lake is a must-see wildlife site in the Larnaca district. This fantastic nature patch is literally in the heart of Voroklini community and, despite its small size, is home to rich wildlife. For the preservation of its great biodiversity the wetland is protected under European law, thus it is designated a Natura 2000 site.

Here, two endangered bird species come to nest in significant numbers, the Black-winged Stilt (Oroklini Lake is the best nesting site in Cyprus for these species) and the Spur-winged Lapwing (these species nest only in Greece and Cyprus within the EU). Moreover, Oroklini Lake is the only site in Cyprus where the beautiful Red-crested Pochard nests. In total, an impressive 190 bird species have been recorded at Oroklini Lake.

Oroklini Lake is one of the few natural wetlands in Cyprus and like other wetlands of the island. To safeguard the wetland a team of five partners in Cyprus (Game and Fauna Service, BirdLife Cyprus, Environment Department, Department of Forests and Voroklini Community Council) started a pioneering project with the contribution of the LIFE program of the European Union. The three-year project (2012-2014) aim was to bring an ecological balance to the lake and to ensure Oroklini Lake remains a true wetland and haven for birds for years to come and a unique nature site for people to enjoy. This was achieved through the implementation of a number of conservation actions (such as fencing the site, restoring degraded areas, water management works and other) as well as awareness raising actions such us the erection of a bird watching kiosk, an information kiosk for visitors, creation of information and education material and many more.

Visitor facilities offer a unique experience to enjoy Oroklini Lake and its birds throughout the year. In spring one can see thousands of ducks that come here to spend the winter time, while in spring one can admire colorful wildlife action going on there as birds are in their breeding season. In the summer, one can see chicks while autumn is ideal to see autumn migrants birds. Oroklini Lake is also ideal for school visits. With a visit to Oroklini Lake children can learn about wildlife through experiential education.

source : Community Counsil of Oroklini