Saint Xeonophon church is in a prominent center location, in the alleys of the Pano Lefkara community. It’s an arched wooden roof temple coated with stone on the outside. The church’s architecture goes along well with the surrounding architecture of the houses. The inside of the temple is plain and simple while it entails an iconostasis (the wall of the religious images), with few images. Some more religious images are featured on the walls of the church. The holy image of Saint Xenophon with his wife and children stands out.

Saint Xenophon lived in Constantinople during the 6th century A.C.  He was a rich authority figure, married with Maria and had two children, Arkadios and Ioannis. The family was deeply religious. The two children went and became monks in the desert around Jerusalem while afterwards their parents followed the same path. Xenophon and his family was of great virtue and philanthropy and God blessed them with the ability to perform miracles. Their Memorial Day is 26th of January.