The ruins of the Latin Cathedral are located to the north of the early Christian Basilica of Ayias Kyriakis (Chrisopolitissa) in Kato Paphos. It dates back to the 1300 A.D. and it was part of a Frankish abbey. By the mid 16th century, it got renovated and decorated with Renaissance sculptures. Later, in the Ottoman times in particular, it was turned into a mosque. The excavations that were conducted by the Department of Antiquities in the late 1960s, brought to light one of the largest of its style churches in Cyprus and four underground vaulted rooms, the use of which has not been corroborated yet. More finds were unearthed adjacent to the church, including four sculptures depicting angels, influenced by Renaissance art, and capitals decorated with grapes and other flower patterns. These finds reveal that the Cathedral was richly decorated. The Cathedral collapsed around 1600 A.D.