It is located in the center of the village and it is dated from the 10th to 12th century . It is stone-built with large square stones. Inside we find frescoes, which are unfortunately worn . It is noteworthy that during the Ottoman period, the church served as a secret school . Until 1970 the church was "wrapped" by women , ie they wrapped yarn around it , as a kind of solicitation , to deal with droughts , epidemics and various other adverse events . The Byzantine marble slabs with two crosses, are a significant archaeological value, one of which located in the churchyard , has been moved to the newly built church of St Stephen , the Apostle Andrew and Patriarch of Jerusalem .

The courtyard of the church had numerous uses over the years, as in the early stages there was a cemetery, then the first school for boys was built , in which later clubs and various organizations were relocated until 1951 until the old building was demolished and its place got the new TH.O.I tenement , which is now owned by the church.