Panagias Chryseleousis church was built over the remains of the older church dated at around 12 to 13 Century. Based on the inscription on the north side of the temple, the temple was built around 1756-1821 from Archbishop Kypros Kyprianou. After the martyrdom of Archbishop Kyprianou, the church suffered looting from the Turks. On the reign of Archbishop Cyrillos the 1st the church was rebuilt between the years 1849-1854.

Originally the church was single-room but on 1952 it was renovated to extend to three rooms to accommodate more visitors. What stands out from the inside of the church is the wood carved iconostasis (The wall that the religious icons are placed) and the women’s seats place (gynekonitis). Both features are made from the famous wood carvers Taliadoroi, who arrived in Cyprus on 1910, for this specific project.

The Holy Church of Panagias Chryseleousis is in the same parish as the Holy Church of Ayia Sofia. The church is celebrating on the 8th of September.